Wakker Dier's mission

a dignified life for all farm animals

beeld kip in buitenlucht

Our dream: a dignified life for all animals in livestock farming. An animal is not a lifeless product. But the food industry thinks differently. In this sector, animals serve only one purpose: making a profit. But producing meat, eggs and dairy on a mass scale and as cheaply as possible causes a lot of animal suffering.

Most of the animals that are sold for rock-bottom prices have had a short and horrible life, in a world of concrete and steel with barely any space or daylight. Many don’t even make it to the finish line and die prematurely. Their death is often slow and painful.

Even so, suppliers continue to use cheap meat to lure in customers and to maximize their revenue. And consumers keep buying these ‘cheap deals’ precisely because they are so cheap. This dynamic perpetuates animal suffering.

Curious to know more about how animals live in the farming industry and what we want to change? Keep reading here!

Our objective for 2030

This sick system in which not every animal, but every cent counts, has to change. That’s why Wakker Dier fights for a drastic reform of the food industry. We see less and better quality meat, eggs, and dairy as the key to ending mass animal suffering. Based on this conviction, we have set ourselves the following objective:

By 2030, Dutch supermarkets will sell 25% less meat, and all meat, dairy and eggs they sell will carry at least one star according to the ‘Better Life’ animal welfare label.

The Wakker Dier method

Wakker Dier points out the culprits in the supply chain and holds them accountable. We do this publicly, through naming and shaming. That’s the fastest way to change the system. Our method has proven its success time and time again. For instance, the battery cage egg and the plofkip (a fast-growing breed of broiler chicken) have disappeared from almost all Dutch supermarkets. Sales of products with a welfare label are also rapidly increasing.

Our efforts are always focused on the following pillars: improving the lives of the animals in factory farming, better legislation and enforcement of animal welfare standards and reducing meat consumption. Each of these themes contributes in its own way to our dream. You can read more about our campaigns here; or read on for a summary in English.

We'll achieve this together with our supporters

Since our foundation in 1997, Wakker Dier has grown into a social movement supported by over forty thousand loyal donors. We have become a well-known and influential organization that continuously makes itself heard in the national media. Wakker Dier works independently and without subsidies, with a determined team. Our relentless dedication and vigilance make Wakker Dier heard and feared within the food industry. Together with a strong base of supporters, we continue to advocate for animals in the factory farming industry.

If you agree that an animal is not a ‘bargain item’, then join us.

varkens in stal

help the animals in factory farming

Animals in factory farming have a terrible life. Will you help put an end to this?

Would you like to know more about our dream? In our annual report (in Dutch), you’ll find everything about our dream and how we aim to achieve it. Also covered are: a comprehensive environmental analysis, side effects of our campaigns and how we measure impact. In the policy plan for the period 2022-2024 (in Dutch), you’ll find our plans for the coming years.

We must have patience to make a positive impact for the animals. There are so many interests at play in factory farming! But as long as it's necessary, I'll continue to donate to Wakker Dier.

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